ECU-SOFT quick support

With Team Viewer program (remote maintenance software), we can access other computers, transfer files (chipping files) or work together on vehicle chipping projects.

What are the QuickSupport! options?

  • Taking over of the screen, keyboard and mouse
    Providing even more efficient assistance in software issues.
  • Transfer of files
    Transfer files from one computer to another.
  • Regardless of the Windows version
    All Windows versions are supported, from Windows 95 to today's Windows.
  • Encrypted connection over the Internet
    The data are encrypted before they leave the computer, making data insight impossible.
  • There is no permanent software installation at the customer’s
    The user does not have to buy software to install and maintain. QuickSupport! brings all the necessary components for the computer and removes them completely after the session


No installation

QuickSupport (for remote support) and QuickJoin (for participation in meetings) can be used without installation. No administrator rights are required here.

Download TeamViewer:

TeamViewer herunterladen