OBD tuning is a form of chipping that can be implemented quickly and without hardware modification. With OBD tuning data is read from the control unit through the OBD II interface, while after the modification, the ECU is programmed through the OBD II interface. Changing of the chip or removal of the engine control unit, as well as mechanical intervention, is not required.

OBD tuning includes: increased performances and reduced fuel consumption

The OBD II interface is used to reprogram the vehicle control unit, in particular to reprogram the engine control, as well as the controls of the DSG control unit. For this purpose, the vehicle OBD II connector is connected to the computer or OBD Flasher device (NEW Genius) using a data transfer cable (OBD 2 cable) and read. In combination with special software (WinOLS), it is now possible to make various changes to the parameters for the engine control / DSG control. For example, it is possible to change gas sensitivity, i.e. to adjust the engine torque parameters to increase fuel supply, set up ignition, affect commonrail pressure, turn off the vehicle speed blocking (V-Max Off), reprogram the diesel particulate filter (DPF ON), disable EGR valve function and EGR valve control function, reprogram AGR control (AGR or EGR Off), deactivate or adjust the lambda probe of the catalyst or sports catalytic catalyst (KAT Off), to erase various DTC codes (diagnostic error codes) or to erase codes that are stored for various errors ...

What is OBD-2?

OBD-2 is a computer-based system for monitoring important engine components, including individual systems related to exhaust emissions. The objective of the OBD II interface (On Board Diagnose II) is to faster examine the vehicle. Defective vehicle components can be electronically detected, resulting in time savings, as in most cases no unscrewing and subsequent screwing as well as search is required. The OBD-2 interface in principle can be used not only for vehicle diagnosis, but also for updating vehicles and executing chip measures or encoding. This is how the concept of OBD tuning was created. OBD tuning is a special form of engine tuning, which belongs to the field of vehicle chipping. With many new vehicles, this method can be used to increase performances or even to adjust the engine.

In the meantime, OBD tuning enjoys high popularity, as this form of chipping is relatively easy to perform. Nowadays, there are many companies offering chipping services, however, we would like to emphasize that one needs to be very careful when choosing these companies.

Vehicle warranty after OBD chipping

Manufacturers do not tolerate every form of chipping. Thus, OBD chipping can quickly lead to losing the vehicle warranty.