ECUSOFT Chiptuning files and file service


Learn about the advantages and benefits ECU-SOFT provides for file chipping and servicing:

  • Support for file servicing for traders with individual chipping files production
  • Chipping files and file servicing are calculated according to the credit system with graduation.
  • Prices for files for chipping files and file servicing can be individually determined (loyal chipping clients will be rewarded with the lowest prices)
  • Access to distributors with file chipping, chipping file management as well as credit review services
  • ECU-Soft engineers are available to you via Skype or WhatsApp (we will not let you down in case of problems after the end of working hours)

Explanation for file chipping and servicing

Competent development of chipping software B2B (Business-to-Business) is our specialty. Our ECU Soft Team specializes in developing genuine software for almost all engine control units. In addition to cars, our services also apply to commercial and delivery vehicles as well as to tractors, motorbikes and boats with the necessary chipping software.

In recent years, chipping has gained in popularity. The reasons for this are, particularly, the advantages in power, as well as fuel savings and harmonization of the engine parameters with the environment. Chipping is a suitable alternative for factory-programmed control units. Chipping / software optimization is done by ECU-Soft distributor, depending on the vehicle, using soldering, BDM, BOOT, OBD or serial programming. Each chipping file is always made individually for each vehicle as well as at the client’s request.

Individual files for chipping traders and users

Our services include software programming and file servicing for almost all cars, trucks, motorcycles and agricultural machines. We offer this type of programming (chipping files) to various dealers around the world. ECUSOFT supports over 400 companies engaged in chipping, small and large chipping users as well as mechanization workshops, truck dealers and agricultural companies, with all the services needed for professional chipping. We offer the best hardware for chipping (files and chipping files) and, of course, knowledge! We also offer various trainings. If you have any questions, our engineers and staff are always at your disposal via email, WhatsApp, and Skype.

We are available from 09:00 to 20:00, seven days a week.

There are many chipping files suppliers

The market is overwhelmed by hobby chipping users and chipping file suppliers, who would manipulate chipping files in a poor rather than in a good way, without being aware of the effects of own actions. The consequences of poor quality chipping files and poor support in file servicing cause damage to the gearbox, turbines, engines and other bad experiences.

Programming of chipping files is a very complex topic, which in addition to existing knowledge requires daily expansion and supplementation of this knowledge. We are in constant close contact with well-known automotive industry partners. Only thanks to the certainty that our knowledge is always up to date, our development can be flexibly and timely adjusted to the given circumstances.