FAQ - Ecu Soft

Control programs worldwide are stored for each engine type in a single chip with the same settings and cannot be changed in principle. Thereby it is not taken into consideration at all whether the vehicle is used only for urban traffic, in the desert, on the highway or whether it is used for all situations to the same extent. Manufacturers are developing a vehicle for the global market and various circumstances are simply not considered during the development. Also, in terms of fuel quality, emission of exhaust gases and possible exceeding of service intervals, the same, universal setting is used in all circumstances. Here, too, financial reasons play a role, such as insurance class, which should not be underestimated. At the end, the customer is served with a mix of engine settings, the configuration by which the car works in all conditions. We keep in mind that your vehicle does not only work, but that it faithfully fulfills the task you expect from it.

If we take over the whole process of entering in the vehicle registration certificate, the costs for this range from € 590 to € 990.

In most cases, insurance premiums do not change in Germany, as suppliers today do not classify vehicles by engine performance, but by type categories. Taxes on motor vehicles generally remain unchanged, because the harmful gases emission class remains the same.

We give you a two-year warranty for all the components we use, as well as for our software. An additional warranty for the vehicle / vehicle engine must be concluded. If your vehicle meets all the requirements, this additional warranty costs 300 Euros per year.

No. If the work is done professionally, the installation does not leave visible traces on the vehicle. Only a pleasant increase in performances can be noticed. Of course, your vehicle will still be able to undergo diagnosis, so manufacturers can continue to work with factory-programmed diagnostic devices.

Increased wear is not expected with an appropriate driving style. The chassis, body and engine limits are not exceeded, which guarantees the unchanged lifespan of your car.

Experience has shown that the German technical association "TÜV" accepts a performance increase of up to 20%, without the need to modify the original braking system.

No. As vehicles with automatic transmission have a separate control unit, many interested customers are concerned for no reason. The automatic transmission automatically adjusts to new circumstances. Since our chips are intended only for sports purposes, we cannot provide a general drive license (original: AllgemeineBetriebserlaubnis). Upon request and at an additional charge, we can ensure that the modifications made are entered in the vehicle registration certificate and we can provide a warranty certified by the German Technical Association (TÜV).

The software used in our chips is created / configured individually for each vehicle. Here we take into account all the characteristics specific to the vehicle and receive all the individual data about the vehicle. The Vehicle Identification Number, Emergency Programs and Equipment Codes remain unchanged in the Setup Software. So, during service and diagnostic work in the workshop your vehicle acts as a vehicle in standard condition.

In this type of chipping, the "on board" diagnosis, we first read the original program, which is modified in the next step, followed by reprogramming via the OBD.

Both methods involve the same chipping program, whether the program is stored on an existing chip or via an OBD interface.

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