ECUSOFT Chiptuning Files

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ECUSOFT chip tuning files as a template

All ECU SOFT chipping files are programmed and tested by experienced engineers in WinOLS. Our chipping files do not consist of finished chipping programs, in which only some of the parameters can be changed, leading to rather poor quality results.

Our offered chipping files database (chipping templates) is not intended for direct use, as different chipping devices (Chipping Tools) can have different file sizes, internally secured files, and checksum calculations! If you still want to use these template files (which is sometimes, of course, also possible) - pay attention to which TOOL is used for reading and compare all the numbers. All data must match! We hereby expressly recommend that you do not import these template files directly into your vehicle or into your customers' vehicles.

Use chiptuning devices with recovery function

Also make sure that you read and save your own original file safely. Work with chiptuning TOOLS that offer recovery; if problems arise after importing the chip tuning file. In the worst case, it can happen that your ECU is no longer accessible due to incorrectly recorded files. Then often only helps to buy a new controller.

We recommend Dimsport devices (NEW Genius and NEW Trasdata) as we have had very good experiences with them. These chip tuning devices offer all necessary security mechanisms.

Use ECUSOFT file service

For users with no knowledge in the field of programming, it is best to buy our individual service files. With our individual service files, programming is always done from their own ORI file, so there are no difficulties or problems.

Chipping files in the form of templates for developers

ECU-SOFT chipping files are designed as a chipping template for developers. Experienced developers can also individually adjust or make changes to the parameters. From us, you will always get the original file + chipping file (or possibly chipping files, if several are offered). Our chipping files are delivered without encryption (No Read), so you can see and accept all the changes.

Register with us as a customer and benefit from more favorable prices and our rich offer.

Become a developer

If you are interested in gaining basic knowledge in the field of programming (WinOLS), please contact us. We offer you a basic course, after which you will be able to view, process and download on your own all the parameters in Winols, using our professionally created chipping files.

In addition, you can also buy a platform for online chipping and file service and start your own business immediately.